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11 LinkedIn Groups Every Accounting Technologist Should Join

Posted by Rachel Schwartz on Apr 22, 2020 7:30:00 AM
Rachel Schwartz
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The Best LinkedIn Groups for Digital Transformation Accountants

If you’re responsible for your accounting firm’s digital transformation and innovation, you’re likely an early adopter who’s always looking for new ways to engage with industry experts and share relevant news and personal updates. You may be a social media pro with a ton of connections on LinkedIn, but have you joined the right groups to best connect with like-minded individuals and highlight best practices, job openings, and milestones?

Don’t overlook LinkedIn groups, which can give an extra boost to your network and prove to be an invaluable resource, both socially and professionally. No need to join all of them though - remember, don’t overdo it. If you focus on the groups where you have the potential to add the most value, you’ll make the best connections. 

And if nothing below suits your style, don’t be afraid to create your own LinkedIn group to position yourself as a digital transformation thought leader and expert. After all, LinkedIn is about being a trusted resource, so don’t be self-serving or promotional and use your experiences to help others in the group. 

Here are 11 LinkedIn groups all accounting technologists involved in transformation, innovation and implementation should consider joining.

Digital transformation accountant reviewing LinkedIn groups

1. Accounting Technology

A must for 1,600 digital transformation executives and accounting technologists. This group is for those that manage the technology stack at their accounting firms and acts as a true help desk. It asks its members to come prepared to share what’s working, what isn’t, and what you should know today.

2. AICPA Information Management and Technology Assurance (IMTA) Section Members

As a more niched LinkedIn Group managed by AICPA staff, the AICPA Information Management and Technology Assurance (IMTA) Division serves members of the IMTA Section, CPAs who hold the Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) credential, and others who provide information management services within their accounting firms. This intimate group of under 900 members is intended to support those who leverage technology to guide their clients and businesses. 

3. for Accounting Professionals

As one of the more commonly used payment management technologies, has its own LinkedIn group for accounting professionals. Here you’ll find like-minded customers and partners interested in sharing workflow solutions and custom user roles. It’s a community that implementation and system managers can feel at home in. 

4. CPA & Business Professional Group


This group, officially sponsored by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), connects close to 70,000 CPAs, AICPA members, and other business professionals to one another. One of the largest and most influential accounting LinkedIn groups by far.

5. CPA Tech Connect


CPA Tech Connect is a place where the leading accounting and IT professionals gather to discuss the latest about mobile devices, security, workflow, virtualization, document management, cloud computing, and process improvement. Its 5,600 members contribute their expertise to their peers and offer advice and strategic recommendations to those managing technology in accounting firms.  

6. Customer Experience Management & Innovation


At the heart of digital transformation is the quest for enhanced customer experience (CX). The close to 110,000 members of this LinkedIn group are obsessed with customer experience as the single most important foundation in any business. The group’s creator, Axel Schultze, is a successful author and Silicon Valley entrepreneur who’s been able to tie the results of business model disruption to customer experience and the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) as one of the major CX developments. 

7. Finance Transformation Professionals Global Network


Foward-looking finance and technology transformation professionals can find a home here. Use your membership to share insights into your project delivery success and ask for feedback. The group even holds global meetings and conferences for its 1,800 members.  

8. Intuit Accountants Group for Accounting and Tax Professionals


From the company that brings you QuickBooks, this 6,000 member LinkedIn Group offers a way to connect with Intuit’s many customers who may have the same pain points. While some topics may be geared towards the solo CPA practitioner, there’s a wealth of information that can be found that tackles more tech-related content, like suggestions on the best cloud-based app to help manage passwords. 

9. Shared Services and Outsourcing Network (SSON)


This global LinkedIn group unites IT, CIO, and digital transformation professionals with other shared services, outsourcing/BPO, and services delivery practitioners. If you’re looking to expand your network, the 44,000 other members who work as directors and above in finance, HR, procurement, and the C-suite are bound to be able to share a wealth of business best practices that can take your career to the next level. 

10. SocialCPAs


If, as a digital technologist you’re looking to grow your personal or professional social media influence, this 4,000 person group seeks to help CPAs and other accounting professionals learn how to use social media to increase their digital profiles.

11. Xero Discussions


Geared towards smaller businesses, Xero’s cloud-based accounting software and ecosystem of 800+ apps is the ideal place to go for any product questions or comments on how to integrate this technology into your practice.


What accounting technology LinkedIn Groups do you recommend? Let us know in the comments.


And if you'd like to learn how to accelerate your digital transformation, watch the on-demand webinar "6 Steps Accounting Firms Should Take to Accelerate Their Digital Transformation Strategy." 



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