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4 Sage Intacct Experts Share Favorite Client Accounting Services (CAS) Tips

Posted by Joshua Feinberg on Jan 20, 2021 7:30:00 AM
Joshua Feinberg
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A little while back, Academy hosted four expert panelists on a webinar about integrating Sage Intacct into outsourced accounting and finance technology stacks.

All the panelists hail from mid-sized or large CPA firms, and three of the four panelists lead client accounting services (CAS), business outsourcing, or outsourced CFO practices. The other panelist focuses on mid-market and enterprise Sage Intacct implementations as part of its VAR channel.

And two of the four panelists are popular speakers at Sage Intacct Advantage conferences.

Michelle Schimberg, CPA, Director, Business Outsourcing Services at Armanino

Kevin Stewart, CPA, Principal, Client Accounting Services Practice Leader at Briggs & Veselka

Jim Norton, CPA, Senior Manager and Sage Intacct Practice Lead at GRF CPAs & Advisors (formerly Manager of Software Consulting at Dean Dorton at the time of the webinar)

Michele Maybaum, CPA, Partner at Raich Ende Malter

If you weren’t able to attend the webinar live, and you use Sage Intacct with your accounting clients, definitely watch the webinar recording of Sage Intacct in Client Accounting Services (CAS) Panel Discussion.


During the webinar, we had some great polling questions and audience questions that you’ll be able to watch on the recording. However, we also had a few excellent questions from the audience that we just weren’t able to get to during the 58 minutes of the webinar.

A few of the panelists helped answer these questions so that Sage Intacct enthusiasts like yourself can benefit as well.


Experience with Sage Intacct Community for Training and Support

Audience Member Question:

As experienced implementers, do you find yourself with open cases with Sage Intacct often when working through configuration issues? Or have you had a good experience using the Community and HighSpot? (Please give the real answer, not the PC

Expert Panelist Answer via Jim Norton:

"I have legitimately found Sage Intacct's training resources to be some of the best available out of any accounting software. If you have taken the time to go through training and practice/digest the concepts, you should not need to rely much at all on Sage Intacct's support. In all the implementations I've done, I don't think I have logged any cases where I said, "I need someone to help me figure out how to configure this." The only questions I've posed to their support/partner enablement team have been when I get an error message that is an anomaly, which happens very infrequently, or when I have a strange workaround-type use case for a client whose business processes are so far outside the norm, and I did not win the battle in convincing them to update their processes 🙂. Happy to go over this further if you'd like to reach out. "


Sage Intacct Revenue Recognition

Audience Member Question:

Can any of you speak to Sage Intacct's revenue recognition module?


Expert Panelist Answer via Jim Norton:

“Sage Intacct has robust revenue recognition capabilities. When subscribed to Sage Intacct Revenue Management, you get the ability to decouple revenue recognition from billing. It also supports event-based recognition (i.e., revenue not recognized until a certain event or milestone occurs), project-based revenue recognition driven by percentage of completion, straight-line/daily rate revenue recognition, and more. Beyond this, Sage Intacct has ADVANCED revenue recognition capabilities in its Contracts module for Clients who need compliance with ASC 606 and have accounting for multiple-element arrangements. So, depending on your needs, you have multiple flavors of revenue recognition capability, all of which are extremely powerful and bring automation to revenue recognition processes. If you have further questions on this, I'd be happy to talk about it any time. Just reach out to me!”


AI in Accounting Podcast Episodes

If you want to learn even more from these four expert panelists, you can also watch podcast episodes that each has appeared in:

Sage Intacct Best Practices with Jim Norton

Sage Intacct Best Practices with Michelle Schimberg of Armanino 

Client Accounting Services Best Practices with Michele Maybaum of Raich Ende Malter

Client Accounting Services Best Practices with Kevin Stewart of Briggs & Veselka


(Two of these panelists also contributed tips to the eBook that you can download on Sage Intacct Best Practices for Outsourced Accounting, Advisory Services, and VARs.)


What’s your biggest question you have about Sage Intacct? Do you have any questions about how Sage Intacct integrates with Let us know in the Comments section below.


And if you’re serious about integrating Sage Intacct into outsourced accounting and finance technology stack, watch the webinar recording from the panel discussion: Sage Intacct in Client Accounting Services (CAS) Panel Discussion.

Watch "Sage Intacct in Client Accounting Services (CAS) Panel Discussion" (Webinar Recording)



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