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A Two-Year Journey: Going Live

Posted by Alexander Hagerup on Nov 1, 2018 2:26:22 PM
Alexander Hagerup
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It’s been almost two years since we decided to create - an AI platform for accounting firms and small to mid-sized enterprise finance departments. Our long-term vision is to create an artificially intelligent platform that provides superpowers for entire finance departments. We chose to start by proving that we can create real value from AI in the field of accounting and build from there.

Combining 15 Years of Experience

Our team represents more than 15 years of experience researching Artificial Intelligence and developing cloud-based accounting systems. We’ve had a blast combining these two areas of expertise into

As any entrepreneur can tell you, going from brainstorming an idea to developing a platform that our clients are eagerly using every day is an incredibly arduous journey. We are profoundly happy to be where we are today and are eager to embark on the challenging road ahead.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence Today

We are pleased to announce that we already work with some of the top accounting firms and enterprises in the world. The common trait they share is that they are forward-looking and understand that to stay competitive in the days to come, they must leverage artificial intelligence today.

Are you an Accountant, CIO, CFO, VP of Finance or have a similar responsibility at your organization?

Learn how will augment your organization in a way that leads to increased accuracy, reduced costs and better allocation of employee resources by downloading the free eBook, The Future of Accounting Technology: Preparing for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning.


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