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How AI Impacts Your Accounting Practice’s Team

Posted by Kristoffer Roil on Mar 27, 2019 9:15:00 AM
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How AI Impacts Your Accounting Practices Team

How do AI and machine learning impact how you build a team that will run your accounting practice?

The battleground has moved, and competitive battles will no longer be fought with the ordinary tools and software that accountants have depended on for decades.

Your firm’s ability to recruit top talent and win the best clients going forward will depend on how well it adapts to AI and machine learning.

How Accounting Firms Get Stronger

It’s common knowledge that accounting firms get stronger by recruiting and retaining a highly qualified, motivated team.

By employing the “little, hard-working genius” otherwise known as AI, the entire team will benefit.

Graduates Seek Out Tech-Savvy Employers

In higher education today, nearly every conversation about the future of accounting technology centers around AI and machine learning.

Students know they must build their careers at companies that are at the forefront of technological innovation. “A” players will not choose to work at accounting firms that are stuck in the past.

The Power of “Best Employer” Awards

Today’s top college graduates are able to pick and choose from the accounting firms they wish to work for. Having AI implemented within your accounting organization has become a very powerful recruiting tool for attracting top talent.

It’s become a type of role reversal where candidates are now looking at the accounting firm’s resume.

AI Provides a Superior Work Environment

Job satisfaction and career development are critical to the next generation. By implementing AI, it's possible to create a superior work environment.

It helps internally with job satisfaction. AI takes those monotonous tasks off the employee’s schedule. Without these repetitive tasks, employees have more time for professional development and to work with clients.

Employees also end up feeling a sense of fulfillment with their job and truly realize their potential within your organization. Their job becomes much more than just an invoice or document processing robot.


What does your accounting practice do to recruit today’s top graduates?

And how do you help your employees realize their potential within your organization? Share your thoughts in the section for comments below.


To learn how accounting and bookkeeping firms can prepare for AI and machine learning, watch the webinar recording on “Automating Outsourced Accounting: How Accounting and Bookkeeping Firms Can Prepare for AI and Machine Learning.”

Automating Outsourced Accounting || How Accounting and Bookkeeping Firms Can Prepare for AI and Machine Learning [Watch the Recording]


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