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What Accountants Can Expect When Getting Started with

Posted by Alexander Hagerup on Oct 16, 2019 8:04:00 AM
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What to Expect When Getting Started

How can accounting firms get started with automation? One of the most challenging things when an accounting firm starts with artificial intelligence (AI) and automation is simply letting go and being comfortable trusting someone else to do it right.

The following is an excerpt from our webinar, “Automating Accounts Payable (AP): How Ignite Spot Accounting Services Automates AP, Removes Human Error, and Improves Client Services.”

Trusting someone else with your data and information is the hardest part of making this change. You’re worried about the accuracy. It’s an overwhelming transition to go through when you’ve been doing this the same way for many years. 

Transitioning Accounting Clients to Automation

Understand, you don’t need to throw all of your clients into the new system right away. It’s recommended to start with a couple. So if you have one hundred clients, move two over to try out Vic .ai. Choose a couple of clients who are consistent from month to month so that you can gain a greater understanding of how the automation will simplify things for those clients.

Then try a client that is a little more complex, which takes a bit more of your time. See what Vic .ai can do to help eliminate some of the errors and how it can help streamline processes.

For Ignite Spot, this was the piece that really made it easier to advance further with a larger group of clients. We tested something complex, and we tested something simple to see how much they compared on the review process and how much time was saved. 

Reviewing the Accuracy of the Information

Most importantly, when it comes to automation, you want to find something that gives you the ability to see the accuracy of the information going into the system and review it beforehand. This review is essential to feeling comfortable and confident that the data is going in the right way, and it’s not just some random information where you’ll have to deal with the problems later. 

Looking at the bigger picture, this is a phased process where you start by reviewing where you have control. And it takes a bit of time before you see the accuracy and understand what it’s capable of doing. You’ll see the system learn and get better. Eventually, you’ll get to a point where you don’t have to review as much as you did early on. This is where it becomes really powerful for your accounting firm.

What is your biggest concern about transitioning your accounting firm to artificial intelligence (AI) and automation? Tell us your thoughts in the section for comments below.

To learn how Ignite Spot Accounting Services automates AP, removes human error, and improves client services, watch the webinar recording on “Automating Accounts Payable (AP).”

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